Sometimes it is the simplest thing that makes the biggest difference.

Sometimes the thing that you find or add as an afterthought is what makes a certain piece work.

For instance, my kid sister made these placemats and sent them to me to quilt and finish for her. I loved the fabrics and I wanted something that would add a bit of color and also make the flowers pop in the center panels.


I struggled for a bit trying to figure out how to quilt the flower panel and still add interest to the green and white work as well as the back of the items.

What I finally came up with was using a multi-colored thread and lightly outlining the floral patterns, and then stitching in the ditch for the rest of the piece. The variegated thread added touches of color and the quilting allowed the pieces to have their own unique personality.


placemat with matching napkins

We were both happy with them, and now the proudly are my guest settings for company!

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