Quilting for Family and Friends….

My husband has two nephews (so I do now by marriage) who have pretty much anything and everything in the world they could want. They are both early 20s and in and out of college. So when I was trying to think of what to do for holiday gifts, I thought I’d make them each a quilt that reflected both their personalities and was “different” from things they might find in a store of any kind.

My younger nephew has just graduated from college with a degree in Architecture, and a minor in history. I found this great fabric with maps of the world on it. I used some of my husbands old Cotton green army handkerchiefs for additional color and spacing and to vary the pattern.




I did not use a tradition style quilt pattern for this for i did not want the maps to be broken up too much to be recognizable. Besides, kids today seem to like things that are not as symmetrical as we were taught to make them… lol



I used binding, borders, and patches of red to pick up the colors of the map fabric, and a “water” swirl style machine quilting to tie it all together.

Around the World, with a water stitch for quilting.


My older nephew is a little more conservative, and so I used very preppy colors to create a Roman Ladder style block quilt for him.

IMG_0691IMG_0688 (1)


Using a large Wavelike pattern tied the boating theme together.

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