Tolkien Inspiration!

I have had the great joy this month of creating a one of a kind wall Tapestry for a client based on themes from The Lord of the Rings. I have long loved the combination of  creating visual images as well as tactile art in fabric. This piece was a delight from day one. I had free rein for design and materials. The work is being delivered today and I could not be happier with the final product.Tolkein Tpaestry - Cress - 2016.jpg


The piece is comprised of four panels joined together into a tapestry. Using a fabric collage technique I picked up from Susan Carlson the images were first created on paper for the clients OK.


IMG_0765.jpg Then I freehand transferred the images to Muslin backing.

cress 5.jpg

Then each individual image was created first in fabric, then gone back over with quilting  and embellishments.


IMG_0825.jpg    IMG_0826.jpgIMG_0827.jpgIMG_0870.jpgSmeagol.jpgAragon and Arwen Panel.jpg

And finally, all pieces were connected with Borders that match mats and framing of existing paintings in the clients’ home.

After the borders were in place, I added more quilting for texture and to tie the images together.

Altogether one of the most fun pieces I have gotten to create for someone!

One thought on “Tolkien Inspiration!

  1. As the happy, happy person who gets to give this beautiful work a home, I am completely thrilled with the result. Wynn took my idea of a Tolkien tapestry and created something incredible that is just simply beyond my wildest dreams!


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