A whisper and a prayer…

Last week I got to work on a commissioned quilt for a special friend. One of my choir directors is in the process of reassessing his life and that includes a move from the DC area back to his home in Ohio to be closer to family and friends, as well as a time for discernment for his future in and out of the church. He is one of the kindest, funniest, most irreverent and still holy people I know. He asked me if I could make a stained glass style of large throw for him, something to comfort him, and to remind him of me. I was so honored and delighted.

And so I designed and created a piece for him filled with light and love. I used bright colored flannels for the front of the quilt for the warmth factor and for the sense of light coming through the windows. For the backing, I chose a 100% cotton batik fabric in sky blues with large impressionistic sunflowers. I created the pattern then cut and pieced each “pane of glass” separately.  Sollars Stained Glass 1 .jpg

By using a “stack and whack” cutting method  I was able to assure all the pieces were cut the same, and then it was just a matter of re-aligning the colors for the different “windows”. Once that was done, I cut 1″ black binding strips and sewed them in a set pattern. (I had to decide which pattern pieces needed to be joined first, and then add on from the inside out.)


Sollars Stained Glass 2.jpg

Once each of the nine windows was completed, I then cut backing and batting for each individual window. It was easier to quilt each window separately and then attach them to each other for the whole. I had a tough time deciding on a backing. First I wanted to use a lime green linen I had, but then the blue batik with sunflowers really stole my heart.


Sollars Stained Glass 3.jpg   IMG_0915.jpg                           Once each window was quilted and trimmed, I sewed the fronts together with a 1/4″ seam. After that, the back was completed using a french seam to hide edges.


Sollars Stained Glass final.jpg   The final quilt measured 62″ x 58″ and was received with much excitement and love!


I was so happy to create something that he would cherish for a lifetime!

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