The Bluebird of Happiness


My latest Tapestry work in progress – HAPPINESS 

I have grown to love working in the wall hanging Art Quilt field. My inspirations come from the strangest places and no piece has ever ended up the way I envisioned it… perhaps that is why I love it so. HAPPINESS  is based on a sketch I found from years ago. Once I sketched it onto the muslin backing, I lay out color suggestions in chalk, and then the fun begins. Using various batik and other fabrics, I cut small “snips and strips” as I call them, and begin to layer them onto the background. They are lightly tacked into place with glue until the whole surface is completely filled to my liking. I add some detail through the use of fabric as you see here, but much more of it comes in the next step which is to machine quilt the entire piece using different threads for color, texture, and detail. I will have the product ready with the quilting, backing and binding finished soon!

May the bluebird of happiness bring you joy soon!


( Updated Nov 5 2016)


After 2 weeks of illness, I was finally able to finish this one. I sometimes get so frustrated that as we age our bodies seem to have a timetable all their own. But i am grateful for the creative process and (that this one now sings!)


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