Happiness — Wall Tapestry  48″ x 54″ Batik Cotton, fabric collage and quilting. Private Collection.

This piece began inspired by a watercolor I had seen years ago the never left my mind. Last fall I began it as a donation piece for a fund-raiser. It instead went to a dear family member.

I loved creating the simple colors combinations that made the background explode and then by using similar style fabrics for the berries and the bird’s feathering, created a sense of whimsy and happiness at the same time as peaceful contentment.



Probably my favorite part after sketching is deciding on fabric choices. And No, they do not always stay the same as what I originally envisioned!


I use colored chalks to block in colors on the muslin background so I have both a guide and a reminder of where lines will intersect.


Starting with the background and working forward, I use craft glue to lightly tack fabric in overlapping patterns leaving edges lose so I can layer and move as I need to develop an energetic moving entity.



Here the background has been completed and  I move forward to create the branches and the winter berries. Notice the tree fabric changed here from a mottled bark-like pattern to a dark brown that gave me the needed contrast to the background which made everything stand forward more.


The Bluebird begins to come to life.


By using two differing blue batiks I was able to tie color and still give definition to the wings of the bird. More detail and definition is added in the quilting process.


After everything is tacked down I go over the entire wall tapestry with my sewing and quilting machine. I quilt through a traditional quilt sandwich of a top, batting, and backing, to add depth, varying the types of quilting designs to add interest and texture. I also add outlines, details embroidery as needed to the finished wall hanging.


When it is all finished I add a border to help frame the image.  The I add a hanging sleeve tot he back. This piece brought me great joy to construct and I know it will be loved for years to come.


Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!







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