Pencil to Cloth

A client asked me to quilt a runner her daughter had made as a gift to our priest who was moving to become a bishop in NY. AS usual, I got permission to create any pattern I wanted to quilt for her (with her approval after the design was created and before the quilting.)

This piece would be sewn on my Domestic Sewing machine. (I am STILL saving up for the long-arm machine of my dreams!) Doing this kind of Custom work on the small throated domestic machine takes a lot of finagling, but I enjoy “drawing ” with the needle.

The Jelly roll fabrics her daughter had selected were all in bold rich earthy colors. The unifying theme was leaves. and so I came up with a simple wind swept maple leaf pattern for the piece. img_0872

As I refined the pattern I added loops and the occasional seed pod. Once I felt I could draw the image on paper consistently. I did a mock-up quilt sandwich to determine batting thickness and to practice the design before beginning.



Having worked on the sandwich for a bit, once I determined where the problems might occur and felt confident that I would be content with the design as created. I quilted the top. I used a variegated pastel thread to lightly show on top and that would blend with the backing material.


Using a  medium size stroke (the leaves are approximately 2.5″- 4″ I was able to cover a lot of area easily and quickly and hold the sandwich well in place. The variegated pastel thread quilting pattern on the back added interest and gave the option of making the piece reversible.


Both the client and I were very happy with the final result!


Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!



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