On choosing a quilting style

img_1139 There are as many different ways to quilt as there are quilters. There are the die-hard hand-stitch-only quilters. There are traditional pattern quilters. There is the MODERN QUILT MOVEMENT where the quilt top may be only a solid piece of fabric with a gazillion different types of stitching. There is machine quilting using your domestic sewing machine ( sit down) and there is quilting using a Long Arm Machine.

When using a long arm Machine there are ALSO the same number of variations. Some people use Pantographs — these are printed design images that the machine operator follows with a stylus or laser beam which guides the machine needle along the path producing the desired pattern on the quilt top.

For the long arm machine there are are a number of good computerized systems out there now that allow you to pre-set a pattern or to create your own drawing and, in conjunction with a motorized base, the machine practically quilts the top for you. These are especially useful for professional quilters who have clients that do not wish to pay much money for an all over quilting pattern, and so can cut down the time required and effort to quilt for next to nothing.

Then there is Free-Motion Quilting. That is my real love. Using either a domestic sit down style machine or the long arm machine,  in FMQ one is really drawing the quilting patterns as you go. Because it is more organic in nature, I love the freedom that it gives my work to look as if it really IS made by a person and not a computerized machine perfection. The artwork I create is usually designed to compliment the quilt tops that I am quilting, and so each and every one is time-consuming and is often very different in the approach.

This Quilt was created for my priest at St. Peter’s in the Wood’s. I  created a simple piece for her that celebrated her love of bright colors to add a splash of color in her office. The Fabric is all from a Kaffe Fassett 20th Anniversary Fat Quarter box I purchased a couple of years ago.


Instead of a complicated pattern that would cut up the fabric I wanted to use them in larger squares to show the fabric and patterns. Each Block was then machine quilted in a different way to accent its individual pattern.


The Backing and the binding were a bright contrasting batik to frame the image with. The finished quilt is 54″ X 48″.

I can do something like this for you or a loved one anytime. Just let me know!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!







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