Making Dreams Come true

My life has been based on the belief that “thoughts become things.” I believe that the Universe, God, Whatever you want to call it is grand and wants us each to have whatever we desire. I believe that only by being very clear and concrete in our minds about the things we wish to do and have can the universe move into effect creating those things for us.

In my life, my friends and family have always always been amazed at my ability to create what I desire. Whether it was a home, the career performing I had, or remaking my life over to better suit my introvert nature. The secret has always been a directed focus and a clear vision.

And so today I put out my current vision to the universe. I am building my quilting business based on my desire to serve others well. I am determined to use my many skills and talents to create beautiful things to make the world a better place. I open myself up to all the clients that are good to work with that the universe can send me. To that end, I am open to obtaining receiving the dream Long-arm-machine that I have researched and I know is perfect for my needs and my long term future.


This is the HQ Avante 18″ Long Arm Machine. Its current cost is $10,995.00. new.  It is one of the best machines on the market. It has some fo the best customer relations and service. We have a great quilting store near me  The Quilters Studio that sells and services them. It is perfect for large and small size projects. It is THE machine for my goals and life. and it is coming my way. In addition to the machine, Pro-Stitcher, the computerized system for quilting is a great part of running a quilting long-arm business. Many quilt top makes want a simple all over pattern for their quilts an inexpensive rate. The Pro-Stitcher allows you to do that quickly and more efficiently. The current cost for the Pro-Stitcher is $9,995.00

This company does so much to help quilters be their best. They have a youtube channel that gives TONS of tutorials and help Handi Quilter. It has become my only TV watching for a while. LOL

I KNOW the universe is working to help me have these tools for my business as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I am working on my domestic machines to continue to learn my trade and hone my creative skills. I have systems in place for the business of quilting, including a well thought out business plan, systems for receiving, labeling, and delivering clients quilts, business forms and brochures and cards, pricing sheets and invoices, and etc.

My studio is being cleaned out, clearing away old scraps to make room for the perfect space prepared for the new work I am doing. I am finishing up the last of other projects while researching and learning new techniques for my creative life.  Letting go of the old allows the universe to create new to fill the vacuum.

TODAY is all we have. Work, Plan, Prepare and be willing to accept all the good that comes your way. I am grateful to the Universe for the wonderful life I have, and for all the good yet to come my way!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!




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