Gifts of love


I sang for a while in a really wonderful church choir. Singing had been my whole life and career until about 10 years ago. a combination of illnesses and life events ended my professional career, but I tried to go back to singing “for fun.” It turned out to be not be so much fun, the challenges were too great at this stage in my life. But I did get to make some wonderful friendships.

For this holiday, I wanted to create a simple gift for the choirmaster. Chad Steffey is one of the most giving and gifted musicians I have ever gotten to work with. His soulfulness is 100% genuine and his love of every person he meets is like a light in the world we live in.

This is another collection of fat quarters I bought having no Idea what I would one day do with them. I created a simple pyramid pattern trying to alternate dark and light fabrics with patterns. The challenge was using the written words of scripture in a way that made them both readable and to look like they belonged in the patterns.

The back of this throw is a single large piece of upholstery fabric that adds warmth comfort to he whole.


It is so rewarding to be able to create things that give people a sense of myself, as well as add to their lives.

Create Beauty and fill the World ith LOVE!



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