Making Space for a dream!

In my continued daily work preparing for the Universe to provide the HQ Avante 18″ Long -Arm-Machine of my dreams, I spent the holiday Monday cleaning out and re-organizing my studio space to be ready for Isabeau (my name for her) when she arrives!

I had been working on a tapestry project that was going ALL  wrong and I finally decided that it is OK sometimes to trash something in order to move on to more good in my life.

Here are pics of the NEW and Improved Little Old Lady Quilting Studio!


The Far end of the studio has light in the high windows, as well as stackable “crate” shelving that can be rearranged for storage of fabric and my many research books. (Next on my to-do list: inventory the fabric and clean up that mess!) The two adjustable height tables double as a large cutting table when needed, and are also perfect for domestic sewing machine tables, as well as an ironing surface. This flooring is a floated Laminate floor – really necessary for the hours spent standing upright at the machine working.
Here is where Isabeau will be hanging out and doing her thing! Since she comes with a 12′ foot adjustable height work table and needs a minimum of 3-foot clearance on all sides for comfort, I am lucky I have a 22′ wall on one side with lots of space for her to make herself at home!
This is the other end of the Studio. The large rack is perfect for hanging clients’ quilts in calendar order while they are waiting to be quilted. I will be ordering some heavy duty Upholstery hangers for safe support and there is a quilted dust cover to protect them while in my custody. ( Ignore the mess on top of the rack.. lol that will be sorted and moved to storage later today.) The central door leads to a large workroom with more storage, a large utility sink, and washer and dryer for the finishing of quilts.  The third doorway ( hidden by the screen to the left) is a full bath for clients convenience. Behind the screen is another rolling metal rack which holds my 24 drawers of thread cones… 



A close up of the sit-down work cubicle. I am so lucky!!!!! Excited to be moving on in this journey!   Thank you, Universe for all I am, all I have, and all that is coming my way to serve others!


Making way by cleaning out the old, by straightening, organizing, and by opening myself to the new, allows me to welcome MORE into my life.


Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE!

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