Creating Opportunity

As part of my ongoing daily work to affirm to the universe that I am ready for more success as a professional quilter, I schedule chores that let me practice my skills while also producing useful items for my business around my quilting schedule. Sometimes I spend the time creating the paper and file systems I need for intake and management of my clients’ projects. Sometimes, I work on a specific fiber item.

This week I have taken on a special project of creating sample blocks of machine stitching for clients to touch, see, and choose from. I created bleached muslin 12″ x 12″ layered quilt sandwiches for each of the sample stitches I wanted to produce.

I got this idea from a wonderful video series that Handi Quilter has on their website. 

After cutting and baste pinning the quilt sandwiches, I then took fabric pencil markers and free hand drew the individual stitch patterns on each panel. ( I usually just do FMQ — sew freehand, but in this case, I wanted to make sure I had a good representation of each of the stitches as a sampler.)

Here are the different samples before stitching: ( click on thumbnail to view large size)

My next step today will be to quilt them all using a colorful dark thread on top and a neutral thread on the backs so clients can see how they look both ways. Then wash and Once they are quilted, I will bind them using my overlock serger (no sew on bindings for these.) I will wash and press them to remove the markings, and then add hanging grommets and rings to make a flip book of them. It is a lot of work, but it gives my clients something concrete to see, and it gives me even more experience with what I love, quilting!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!



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