Finding Inspiration in Everyday Things

I have been a creative artist all my life. It is not something I do, it is who I am. Perhaps it was growing up semi-wild in the mountains of Virginia and always being outside and free to learn and explore without the influence of TV and all the nonsense that people think are so important in the world today.  Perhaps I would have been that way no matter what. In spite of the somewhat difficult and tough life I have lived, I have always looked upon the world as a beautiful place to be, a safe place to grow and to learn, and a gift to us all.


The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where I was born.


Art of many different media has attracted me. I have worked in the professional world of dance and theater.  I have sung professionally in opera and musical theater, jazz, cabaret, and big band. I have been a culinary creator. I have taught everything from music to speech, to history. I have been a professional landscape artist working in oils and pastels. And now I work in fiber art and quilt for others.

Inspiration comes for me from many places, but the primary source (besides the creator or universe or whatever you call it) is my memories of nature growing up. The variety and the intensity of the colors in nature have always inspired my palette in painting, and in my fabric works.


A view of Sharp- Top and Flat-Top, the mountains I grew up in the shadows of in Bedford, Virginia



The small town I grew up in still has a small town feel. And though it has been years since I returned there, I hold it dear in my heart.


Nature can be beautiful, it can be seductive, it can be dangerous, it can be wild, it can be sultry, it can be ethereal. All these sides of her inspire my work to be both sensuous and grounded.


Moonlight can always inspire me to use color more judiciously!


quilt ideas Liz Grohowski.jpg
Sky quilt inspirations (courtesy of Liz Grohowski)


Whether in designing a motif for a quilt-top, or working on one of my tapestries, I try to let things happen organically and not force it. The right shape will come. And I enjoy the process of letting the work happen rather than forcing it.

I find motifs in a pattern on the leaves, in a field of flowers, in the pebbles in a stream, in a shady bank of moss on the creek bed. If you begin to see that all of life is connected by threads it is a small step to following those patterns to their artful conclusion.

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!




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