I am a fanatic, I know.

I am one of those people that take a lot of time to decide on an action, and then I dive in with both feet and head straight to the bottom of the lake. Many of my friends wonder aloud how I get so much done every day. The simple truth is that I don’t think about it. I plan and I do.

Take quilting… Two years ago I had never made a quilt in my life. I grew up with a crazy mom. SHE was the quilter, the seamstress. In a typical knee-jerk reaction to all she represented, I wanted nothing to do with a sewing machine or anything that represented her life choices.

Then after a life as an artist in theater, music, dance, and landscape painting, I discovered the world of Silk Painting fabric. That opened a new door to me. I began making simple art pieces – scarves, items of clothing, and etc.


Wynn Creasy Fine Art, Fine Art in Landscapes and Abstracts in Oils and Pastels
Blue Hawaii – Hand painted Silk – Sold


Wynn Creasy Fine Art, Fine Art in Landscapes and Abstracts in Oils and Pastels
Assorted hand painted Landscape Scarves -Sold


Wynn Creasy Fine Art, Fine Art in Landscapes and Abstracts in Oils and Pastels
Sunrise over Virginia – Hand Painted Silk  – sold
Wynn Creasy Fine Art, Fine Art in Landscapes and Abstracts in Oils and Pastels
Blue Ridge Rolling – Hand Painted silk  – Sold


From there it was really just a skip to Creating wall Tapestries of hand painted silk. Those led to more works of art that then had to be embroidered, and texture added with machine quilting.

Silk_Comforter 01.jpg
Sunset – Hand painted Silk Tapestry ( Private collection)
Silk_Comforter 02.jpg
Big Sky Blue Ridge – Hand Painted Silk Comforter  (Stolen from Exhibit)

IMG_0566 Quilting added more definition and texture to the Tapestry as a whole. IMG_0568


Then my younger sister got me started with doing some quilting for her quilt projects – some placemats, then small quilts for her to sell, then larger quilts, and then I was hooked.

When I discovered the world of Long Arm Quilting, I knew I had found what I was looking for for the rest of my life. I am not so interested in the piecing of quilt tops, especially not traditional ones (although I happily do them for others, not for myself,) I really LOVE the process of quilting tops that others have created. I love the drawing with the needle. I love creating new patterns that compliment the quilt, and I really LIKE the solitude and the physical work.

Now two years later I have completed over 55 quilts for others.   I am obsessed with getting my new long arm machine so that I can begin to work MORE for others. I am quilting now on my heavy duty Singer machine and it is a great machine for me. But doing a large quilt under a domestic sewing machine arm is really a pain! So much fabric to tug and turn and move. With the long arm you move the machine NOT the fabric!

(This Kingsized Tumbling block quilt took me 2 weeks to quilt alone do on the domestic machine…)

So day by day I am more grateful the universe for all that I have, all that I am and all that is coming to me! I know that I have many creative gifts to bring to others, and my obsession with service is ONE of them!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!






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