When Life interferes with Life…

In December of 2015, my best friend Jane Bonin was diagnosed with a lung cancer that had metastasized. She died on July 24, 2016, the day after my birthday. (For the last 16 years we had always been together to celebrate each other’s birthdays, Christmas eve, and any other special occasion. In fact, every day was a special occasion for us and a reason to talk, laugh, eat, share wine, and celebrate all of life.)  Losing Jane’s close friendship has taken a toll on me that I am only coming to realize now.

Wynn Creasy Fine Art, SIlk, Silk Painting, Fine Art in Landscapes and Abstracts in Oils and Pastels

November 2016, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to be exact, we learned that my husband and the other dearest friend I have ever has been diagnosed with another form cancer. Needless to say, my emotional stress level went a few notches higher. I would be so completely lost without his support, love, encouragement and friendship!

The good news is that his cancer is in the very early stages and it is easily treatable. There are many different options, but the one we have chosen is Proton Laser Radiation Therapy Treatment. The difference between Proton therapy and Photon therapy treatment is the type of radiation and in the mass of affected tissues around the cancer site. The Proton beam is a much denser bean and can transmit a much tighter beam of radiation that can be controlled and stopped at an exact spot rather than passing through to damage other surrounding tissues. It is a specialized treatment and is covered by many insurance programs. (Thank goodness.)

The BAD news is that there are very few areas that offer the treatments and they must be done on a daily basis for a specific amount of time. (In our cases 9-10 weeks.) Currently, the closest medical centers that provide the proton service are in Baltimore, Md (UMMC) 1.5 hours away; and in Hampton Rhoades, VA (3 hours away.)

We are doing a daily trip to Baltimore — Monday through Friday — before God is awake every morning to beat traffic and to get treatment over with so that my husband can still get hours into his work day. It makes for a long day for him, but he enjoys working and it keeps his mind sharp. And he is just not ready to retire. (We always can still use the money while I am building up my business!)

I am not able to get a lot of sewing/ quilting/ artwork done right now between the driving and appointments and the dogs and the house and making sure he is doing OK. I am also not able to blog every day as I had hoped to do originally. Life gets in the way of Life sometimes. But family and friends are the most important things that we have in life. Studies have shown repeatedly that no one looks back over their life when the are ready to go and says they wish they had worked harder or made more money. They often say they wish they had connected more, been there more, loved more. I want to make sure that every life I touch, however briefly, is better for having known me. And so with gratitude, I thank the universes for the moments I have now. For all that I am. For all that I have. For all that is coming my way. and for the chance to love as completely as possible while the time is now!


Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE!



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