In the still of the night…


Sometimes, like most of us,  I am just looking for a way to keep busy. I have these tons of scraps in my sewing room that I never know what they are from or why I have them, nor any real plans for them. But then I have spare time and a hole in my schedule and so I just HAVE to make something.

My kid sister does a lot of beautiful traditional pieced quilts. She is a real artist in the traditional quilting sense. Me, on the other hand, I prefer the actual quilting process to piecing tops. So when I am looking for something to work on, I am more inclined to make a whole cloth quilt or throw together whatever is near to make a top I can practice on.

My sister asked me to make a twin quilt that she could take to a craft market. I had these precut 5″ squares in strange colors I had picked up from a swap table at the Fairfax Quilters Unlimited meeting so I thought I would piece a simple top and a pillow case to go with. The quilting will be what ties the fabric together.

Once I get the rows pieced I  will add a border of creme muslin,  and a muslin backing.  I will then determine the patterns for the quilting. I am thinking Orange Peel for the color blocks using their edges for guides and using a variegated thread. Then perhaps a border of Leaf Meander.

Once we get back from the Drs’ today I will have a better idea of where I want to go with it…

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!



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