Step Two – Virginia Wildflowers Tapestry

Coming at my quilting as I have from a painters perspective, it is often the first steps that excite my creative juices and gets me thinking outside the box — drawing and color choices. In my last Blog post, I showed the single long sketch idea that started this process for me, and then the individual pieces as they were organically cut apart and readied to begin the work on each one.

My next step in this process is to come up with a color scheme. Not only for each of the panels for in a way that connects the piece as a whole. Using nature as a guide line  (very loosely, I might add) for plant color, I juxtapose colors for unity, for conflict, for emotional response. I use Sharpies to paint in the color ideas I have. These are not set in stone but are guides. I tend to choose fabric along the color lines but the intensity and the textures can change at any time.


Giant Red/Green Trillium


The Violets


Lady Slipper Orchids






Virginia Bluebells


You can see from these colorized sketches that I use a very liberal connection with natures colors. As both a painter and an art quilter I love pushing color boundaries.

After I have worked out my color schemes come the fun part of picking fabrics! Even as organized as I am this can be a bit of a messy process! But I love to see fabrics against each other and play with their individual color in light and dark and how they respond next to each other.


Piles everywhere!








Here you see the design wall with the (close to) final fabric selections.


Now the creative and disciplined part really begins: chop and glue!


Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!



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