Day 3 -Virginia Wildflowers Tapestry

I had given myself a goal for this year to create a new work every two weeks. Part of this is that I realized that in order to create quality work I must produce a larger body of work. Not everything is going to be a masterpiece. But the more I produce the more I will have quality. AND I learn and improve my technique by quickly having to solve new problems.

I actually took three weeks to make this piece. And to tell the truth, at the beginning of week three I was really beating myself up that I had not completed this one piece IN my allotted time. But then I realized that In making this piece was not making ONE tapestry; I was making five completely different individual works of art that could stand alone and would be combining them into a single large wall hanging. (So technically, I am  AHEAD of my scheduled goal of a new piece every week! BIG SMILE!)


The basic color layout was done using sharpies for color and under coloring.  I use the Sharpies because they give an under-coloring that guides me in my fabric selection and in shape and texture. Using a combination of Susan Carlson’s quilting techniques using glue for the first layers — having the under-color helps also avoid glaring white of muslin showing through pieces that may not quite touch.  
I began the fabric process by working from the back to the front. Using a mixed Batik background that gives the effect of the growth and shadows behind the rare Giant Red/Green Trillium, and a different orange mixed Batik that gave me a sense of the debris and the mulch that was underneath the flower. I then pieced the large flat leaves of the flower shape using a deep green mottled fabric for texture and color. 
The Trillium blossom was created using several different fabrics which were cut, sewn, quilting and colored for effect.




The main blossom measures 8″ across — quite an exaggeration of this misnamed “Giant” flower.”






here you can see the blossom beginning to take shape, the stitching helps to give it a 3-d body as well as defining the blossom itself.




Here the panel is almost complete. I have since added another large 3-D Green Leaf to the center of the plant to give it more depth.  After the entire tapestry is finished, there are crystal and bead embellishments for stamens and pistils, and waterdrops to add, as well. Handwork is the final step.

I have learned a lot in this process, and I have enjoyed the work immensely. Next up… Panel # 2: Jack-in-the-Pulpit!


Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE!


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