Day 4: Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Creating Jack was indirectly inspired by the work of Velda Newman and her gigantic 3-d flower quilts. I can not quite explain it,  but seeing her work freed me to do whatever I wanted to do and call it Art Quilting.

My original sketch was simple. I wanted the flower to dominate, but NOT by being so different from the background that it was obvious. In nature, wildflowers tend to be subtle and hidden from plain sight.


Jack-in-the-Pulpit – My favorite Carnivore.
I create the two-toned background from two different Batik fabrics that were snipped and laid out to give a sense of light and dark in the ver growth behind the Orchid, and the sense of dried leaves and mulch under the flower. 
Not having a clue what I was doing… I experimented with different ways to create a 3-D flower petal to which I could add texture and color with thread painting. 
Here I let the thread painting guide me for shape and texture.
A little hand stitching and I have the beginning of a lovely flower head.  I ended up adding fabric paint for MORE detail and color variations.
The leaves and the stems were appliqued to the background and more definition achieved with embroidery, quilting and fabric paints.  Weeds and grasses were added to the background and mulch using cut-outs and thread painting.
Here Jack is almost ready for his close-up. I will be adding some beading for his stamen.
Panel # 2 of 5: Jack-in-the-Pulpit ready to join the family of Virginia Wildflowers


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