Virginia Wildflower Tapestry – Virginia Bluebells

If you are a native of Virginia, then like me you probably love those few weeks in late April and May when the Wild Virginia Bluebells carpet those forgotten places in the woods of the hills and mountains. They have long been one of my favorite flowers. When choosing what flowers to include in my Virginia Wildflower Tapestry there was no question these would be there.



I started with a simple sketch of a woodland scene with the bluebells carpeting the ground under the canopy of the trees.  
Bluebelles Sketch
Using my trusty Sharpies I played with color fields, light patterns, and texture variety ideas. 
Once  I was happy with the sketch and color choices I picked fabrics for my tapestry panel. I had chosen most of the fabrics I  would use for this tapestry ahead of time in order to keep some sense of uniformity and cohesion to the whole.
Working from the distant back ( top) forward to the near flowers ( bottom) I created the canopy of leaves first, mixing colors values to achieve a sense of the light play in the treetops. 


Highlighting the shafts of sunlight that cut through the woods, I used a lovely bright yellow batik fabric with shades of blue and green in it. I snipped the fabric into a confetti and sprinkled it onto a prepared surface of Aileen’s tacky glue. I did the same thing with the mixed blue fabrics I had chosen for the Bluebells. Then I added the trunks of the trees.


A Close-up of the thread painting and the sapling trees created by the needlework; plus the trunks of the trees also texturized with thread painting and fabric paint.


The finished panel — Virginia Bluebells — #3 of 5 in The Virginia Wildflower Tapestry. 





Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


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