A little Holiday Cheer! (early)

So much is happening in life today. In the process of closing on a cabin/studio/gallery in Bedford, Virginia where I will be relocating by the first of 2018. The Cabin is a lovely handicapped accessible, one-floor cabin to live in. There is a totally separate 800 Sq Ft. companion building beside it that will be a quilting studio and a Gallery for my art quilts.The gallery has been a quilt gallery before. In fact, my mother sold quilts there in the late 80’s. It has also been a garden center, a wine shop, and a fine art gallery. I will be very happy to return it to a full-service quilting studio to complete quilts for other quilt top makers,  as well as opening the gallery to showcase my Art Quilts.

I’ve been accepted into a small gallery collective in Bedford called The Electric Company Art & More. I have a number of my small thread paintings for sale in the gallery there. The Gallery there is also having a Holiday Show featuring works of art for $99.00 and less. I have six (6) 5″ x 7″ Thread Paintings available for sale in that show as well. Here are the works that are currently in the Gallery in Bedford.


Refracted Reflections 2017.jpg
Refracted Reflections $ 99.00
Redbud and Daffodils 2017.jpg
Redbud and Daffodils – $99.00
Old Barns 2017.jpg
Old Barns – $99.00
Old Grand Dad 2017.jpg
Old Grand-Dad – $99.00
Midnight- Big Otter Creek.jpg
Midnight Big Otter Creek — $99.00
Mee-Maw's backyard 2017 .jpg
Mee Maw’s Backyard — $99.00
Lazy Summer Day 2017.jpg
Lazy Summer Day — $99.00
The Knoll – Triptych — $325.00
Birds and Fences II.jpg
Birds and Fences — $99.00
Country Road II.jpg
Country Road — $99.00
Fences — $99.00
Autumn Orchard — $99.00
The North Forty - 2017.jpg
The North Forty — $99.00
Virginnia Hillside.jpg
Virginia Hillside — $99.00




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