Creative Surges that lead to …..????

I’ve been fiercely creative these last few months. It is part of the reason I have not been writing often enough on this blog. Besides the 5″ x 7″ thread paintings I created for the Electric Company, I have created a number of alternate pieces for changing out the art  come January.


I  have also done a number of commissioned pieces for collectors and friends.

A client asked me to do a Red Clover Wall hanging. It is the state flower of Maine, a place almost sacred to her. I was deeply honored to be asked to create this for her
Fall in the Vineyard
Fall in the Vineyard — I created these two Pieces for friends who have a Vineyard in Bedford, VA  and also have a small Cottage they rent out. The countryside is so gorgeous there. I was so pleased they liked these!
Vineyard Retreat
Vineyard Retreat — Also created for my friends in Bedford, VA. I was so happy that they enjoyed these pieces enough to display them in the rental cottage and in their home. 

This series was commissioned as a holiday gift working from the client’s photos.



Abundance - 2017
This was also commissioned by the same client as a gift for friends. 



Homestead 2017  795.jpg
HOMESTEAD – 2017 This piece was created based on my oil painting of my parents former home in Bedford, VA.


Something Totally Different… I created this little kimono and obi for one of my neighbor’s daughters who is totally obsessed with anything Japanese these days. The Kimono is made of one piece of fabric complete using the pattern of the fabric to determine the sleeve and the body area. 



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