Two new Babies in my life!

I have been very excited about all the changes going on in my life and art.  Two new changes and they are big ones happened in the last two weeks! I got now machines for my studio!

First meet Simon le Greed: He is a Singer Confidence Quilter desktop machine for my thread painting.

Simon Le Greed – he eats up fabric and helps me get my thread paintings  done with less thread breakage and with more consistent stitches!  







Simon came to live  with me last week to replace my little Heavy duty singer 4111 that finally died. It was cheaper to buy a new machine than to take the old singer to  someone here to replace it!

With new Ott lighting and the computer nearby for inspiration and research, I now have a wonderful work station to begin and work on a myriad of projects. 

My other new baby was a complete surprise and unplanned for now, but she is exactly what I needed and wanted.  Meet Ruby:

hq avante18.jpg
Ruby is an HQ Avante 18″ Long arm machine for my studio that focuses on FMQ and finishing quilt tops for other quilters. 

Ruby was a surprise indeed. I have been wanting a HQ for a long time, but it was not in the cards financially.  Plus, we are in the  process of moving to Bedford, VA where I will be retiring and opening my Studio/Gallery for business there in March 2018. But I got a call from my local Dealer who is required to purchase a new HQ every year as part of her contract, and so I got Ruby (a slightly used floor model with a NEW warranty on her!) at almost 1/2 off her regular price. She is currently in pieces and boxes in my studio basement at home until we can move her to Bedford and get her set up. I am so excited to have her in my life and for all the possibilities that she presents to my future!


Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!










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