Major Changes

So it is official. We have bought a Cabin/Studio/Gallery in Bedford, Virginia and will be relocating there almost immediately to set-up and open my new Studio/Gallery for Little Old Lady Quilting.

7536 Peaks road Bedford, VA 15 VS3
The new home of Little Old Lady Quilting in Bedford, Virginia right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive of the Appalachian Mountain Trail.

We will be living here in the beautiful cabin nestled here in the blue ridge, and enjoying walking over to the 800 Square foot Studio/Gallery next door where I will be doing my long arm quilting for the local quilters; as well as creating my art quilts and my thread paintings to sell to the tourists  and the gallery shoppers passing through.

7356 Peaks road Bedford, VA studio.jpg
This is the interior view of the Gallery . The walls currently are carpeted which allows for easy hanging of fiber works. Through the door on the right is my working Studio for long arm quilting and for my art quilts. I can keep an eye on the Gallery while I work every day!

The Studio gallery is going to give me  ample space to show my work and the work of other local fiber artists, while also giving me a major work space for teaching classes  in beginning quilting, thread painting, and etc.

Blue ridge Winter.jpg
Sharp Top and Flat Top — the twin mountains of Bedford, Va — this is the view out of my front door at the Cabin!

I plan to have a GRAND OPENING for Little Old Lady Quilting Studio/ Gallery and have the Gallery open full time beginning the first part of April. If you are taking a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway, or coming near Beautiful Bedford, VA in the spring, please stop on in and say hello!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


4 thoughts on “Major Changes

  1. What a beautiful place. My daddy would say you will be as happy as a pig in poop. 🙂 I know you will produce some lovely items and will share them with us and we will be so jealous and so happy for you all at the same time.


    1. The cabin and studio have been there since 1985. Before that it was a little fruit and vegetable stand there. Anytime you drive route 43 down the blue ridge into Bedford, you go past it. I looked back through my previous post and have not posted that image before. But the mountains do attract a lot of us. I have missed being at home so much. I didn’t really realize it until I started to think of retiring and going back.. lol And now I have a full time business starting up again.

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