Art as Inspiration

I began my visual art career as a painter mainly creating landscapes using oil Pastels. I loved the texture and the ways you could blend them (and the vibrant colors available.)

What I didn’t really like about painting was that a viewer can not touch it, feel it, explore it. I branched out into silk wall paintings that became quilted tapestries. From there explored traditional quilting techniques,  and finally have landed in my niche as a art quilter who also LOVES incorporating  thread painting in many of my works.

Most of my art these days is base on my original artwork that I am “transcribing” into fabric art. Art that IS touchable as far as I am concerned.  I also work at times from photos of places and properties that people would like commemorated in a thread painting.

My latest series of wall hangings are based on a series of paintings I did years ago. I loved the format and felt that they would transcribe well into the art I am doing today.


IMG_1997 2
Here you see the sketches I prepared on muslin to begin this series of paintings. i too liberties to change and add things as I went. After I do a pencil sketch I then go back with Sharpies and suggest color combinations. With my new design wall I am able to lay out all the 6 wall hangings side by side and and work on them all simultaneously. This helps me coordinate colors across the series as well as keep changing things up .
Here are the 6 wall hangings after I have done the preliminary layers of fabrics to define color and specific areas. Under them you see the photographs of the original artwork – all sold now and no longer available to me. 

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


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