Back at last!

Well, my blog has suffered while I made the transition from Fairfax in Northern Virginia to Bedford here in the South-west corner of the state.. Little Old Lady Quilting Studio is Officially OPEN now.

Adding bright color to the non-descript dark brown  the previous owner left on the cabins makes everything here pop! There is such a feeling of joy and lightness now at Little Old Lady Quilting  Studio!

I had my Grand Opening of the Studio on March 31, 2018. 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. I had an unexpected turn out of over 300 people come through the Studio in one day. I sold some of my favorite pieces. I got several nice commissions. And I got several quilt tops to finish on Ruby ( my HQ Avante 18″ long arm Sewing Machine.) So I consider it a very successful opening, as well as a great start to my business life in the community here.

The day after the Grand Opening of Little Old Lady Quilting Studio, I hung a solo show as Featured Artist at the Electric Company Art & More in Down ton Bedford. Needless to say that was indeed a whirlwind weekend and month. The show came done on April 27 and I immediately ( s in that night) set up for a one day Art Market called the Maker’s Brunch sponsored by The Bower Center for the Arts. It was a great day of meeting people in Bedford and getting my name out there as a local long arm quilter, and showing some of my thread art.

The month since then has been spent creating and finishing a number of quilts for my clients, and working on commissioned thread art pieces. That and still doing upgrade work on the Studio and cabin, and beginning to do some landscaping to make the outside of the Studio as beautiful as the inside.

So life is beginning to settle into something resembling normal routines here now. I am so happy to be here and to be creating art work full time here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Bedford, Virginia. Y’all stop by and say hello anytime!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!




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