I started this quilt last year as a plaything. I had all these fat quarters of Waverly fabrics in pinks and grays that i wanted to use up. Plus I wanted a large quilt to work on the long arm machine with for practice using pantographs.

I created a pattern using string quilting techniques for the center. Then I let the quilt go wild. I surrounded the center block with wonky squares that were all off kilter.  It was as if the quilt’s structure was decomposing from the inside out. Then for the final outside I simple used blocks in a checkerboard edging to give it some formal structure. I added white borders and sashing for spacing and definition.IMG_2324

Of course, being the first time I’d played with pantographs — I usually only do Free Motion Quilting — I did end up having to rip out a few stitches to end up with proper placement. and yes, i do have TWO pair of glasses there to work with… Little Old Lady Quilting needs her trifocals AND her reading glasses at times.. 
I chose a wonky tropical kind of pattern to both go with and counter the designs in the quilt. 

This quilt ended up being  bought as a gift for a newly expecting first time young mother. I hope it gives her and her baby hours of comfort pleasure!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


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