I started this quilt last year as a plaything. I had all these fat quarters of Waverly fabrics in pinks and grays that i wanted to use up. Plus I wanted a large quilt to work on the long arm machine with for practice using pantographs.

I created a pattern using string quilting techniques for the center. Then I let the quilt go wild. I surrounded the center block with wonky squares that were all off kilter.  It was as if the quilt’s structure was decomposing from the inside out. Then for the final outside I simple used blocks in a checkerboard edging to give it some formal structure. I added white borders and sashing for spacing and definition.IMG_2324

Of course, being the first time I’d played with pantographs — I usually only do Free Motion Quilting — I did end up having to rip out a few stitches to end up with proper placement. and yes, i do have TWO pair of glasses there to work with… Little Old Lady Quilting needs her trifocals AND her reading glasses at times.. 
I chose a wonky tropical kind of pattern to both go with and counter the designs in the quilt. 

This quilt ended up being  bought as a gift for a newly expecting first time young mother. I hope it gives her and her baby hours of comfort pleasure!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


Playing Catch-up

I’m sorry it has been so long since I wrote on a regular basis. I do tend to keep up with my Facebook page   but I’ve been so overwhelmed with the planning, and lots of manual labor and health issues trying to get Little Old Lady Quilting Studio ready to open the end of March.  I had also foolishly planned to have a solo show at The Electric Company & More art gallery in downtown Bedford opening at the same time. And I agreed to do a Artists Market Brunch at the Bower Center For the Arts the last weekend in April. All of these displaying  all the work I have been creating for the last year (that which had not sold already… ) On top of that i was building my clientele for the long-arm-machine finishing quilts, and doing an average of two of quilts a week on the long arm besides the thread art commissions I have I needed to be creating.
To say the least it was a mad couple of months.

I’m going to try and write weekly at least to keep the world posted of what Little Old Lady Quilting Studio is up to.

My first quilting client in Bedford brought me this magnificent hand done needle point block quilt made by mother and daughter.

Lovely queen-sized quilt top consisting of 35 blocks all hand stitched and then hand sew together.
Each block was 18″ by 17″.

I wanted to quilt this very simply to give it strength and stability , but not to interfere with the hand stitched embroidery.

I ended up stitching around the core of the medallion, and then tracing the outside of the medallion and filling in the negative space with a basic stipple to make the design pop.

The client was very happy with the finished quilt. as was I!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


Back at last!

Well, my blog has suffered while I made the transition from Fairfax in Northern Virginia to Bedford here in the South-west corner of the state.. Little Old Lady Quilting Studio is Officially OPEN now.

Adding bright color to the non-descript dark brown  the previous owner left on the cabins makes everything here pop! There is such a feeling of joy and lightness now at Little Old Lady Quilting  Studio!

I had my Grand Opening of the Studio on March 31, 2018. 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. I had an unexpected turn out of over 300 people come through the Studio in one day. I sold some of my favorite pieces. I got several nice commissions. And I got several quilt tops to finish on Ruby ( my HQ Avante 18″ long arm Sewing Machine.) So I consider it a very successful opening, as well as a great start to my business life in the community here.

The day after the Grand Opening of Little Old Lady Quilting Studio, I hung a solo show as Featured Artist at the Electric Company Art & More in Down ton Bedford. Needless to say that was indeed a whirlwind weekend and month. The show came done on April 27 and I immediately ( s in that night) set up for a one day Art Market called the Maker’s Brunch sponsored by The Bower Center for the Arts. It was a great day of meeting people in Bedford and getting my name out there as a local long arm quilter, and showing some of my thread art.

The month since then has been spent creating and finishing a number of quilts for my clients, and working on commissioned thread art pieces. That and still doing upgrade work on the Studio and cabin, and beginning to do some landscaping to make the outside of the Studio as beautiful as the inside.

So life is beginning to settle into something resembling normal routines here now. I am so happy to be here and to be creating art work full time here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Bedford, Virginia. Y’all stop by and say hello anytime!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!




A whirlwind Month!

I officially moved to Bedford Jan 15, 2018. I’m still splitting my time between Little Old Lady Quilting Studio and our home in Fairfax where my husband is still living and working. I feel a little like Cinderella, or like I’ve died and gone to heaven!

I have not kept up with this blog on a daily basis as I hoped, but only because I have been so focused on getting all the things done that need to be ready to open my business officially at the Grand Opening scheduled for March 31, 2018.

One of the things that attracted me originally to the place was the two seperate buildings on property adjacent Route 43 ( Peaks road) the major thoroughfare between the Blue Ridge Parkway , the Peaks of Otter Lodge, and beautiful historical downtown Bedford, Va.  We could live in the single family unit to the left, and I could have a 900 sq ft studio /gallery to the right. All of it is Handicapped accessible. (I have “spine issues” and will be in a wheelchair eventually so it is good to plan ahead!) Plus the property had already BEEN a craft and gift shop and was known for such in the community.

Of course, as with any old home, there are going to be a lot of little things that need to be fixed to bring it up to date and to make it work for  one’s current needs.  Even with a complete inspection before we purchased the property here, we were surprised by a few things that have added significantly to the expenses of getting the Little Old Lady Quilting Studio ready to open.

7356 Peaks road Bedford, VA
Our new home and studio in Bedford, VA


The inspector mentioned a few boards in the handicapped walkways that lead into the buildings that “were not 100% sound and may need to be replaced.”  BUT… it turned out (after I fell through one of them) that they are almost all rotten throughout and the entire walkway and deck needs to be rebuilt. $$$ This has to be done before I can open the business to the public.

It also turns out according to our many friendly neighbors, the property had been sitting empty much longer than we were told by the real estate agents. Our first order of business was to deal with the MASSIVE Stink-bug invasion. This has been an ongoing issues with treatments every couple of weeks. EVENTUALLY they will go back outside and we will be able to seal up as many of the escape routes as possible. The Stink-bugs are just a fact of life here in the county.  They can be dealt with… one day at a time.

The next unexpected issues was major…. under the studio crawl space ( which the inspector cursuri looked at  but did not really  inspect)  turns out that there was water damage that lead to major mold and fungus problems. We had to remediate and encapsulate that plus add in a dehumidifier system in order to be safe for myself and clients in the building. Turns out there is also a fungal problem in the living cabin and so they will have to spray and treat that  in the coming weeks as well.

In spite of these major expenses and setbacks, this is STILL the most perfect place we could have found for Little Old Lady Quilting.

I have been able to get into the studio and create a lot. I have been working to build my inventory of thread painting and artwork as well as home decor items.

Big Otter Mill – Bedford ( SOLD)


The Knolls Pillow Series


My fun placemats and napkin sets


I’ve also been showing (and selling) my work at the little gallery in town — The Electric Company Art & More located at 207 E Depot Street in Bedford, VA . I currently have several pieces in the 4th annual Curry/Bower Exhibit at the  Bower Center  for the Arts (and sold one of them!)


Lazy Summer Day at the Lake – (SOLD)

I am about to Open Little Old Lady Quilting Studio to the Public with a Grand Opening March 31, 2018 11:00 am until 3:00 PM

I am also slated to be the Featured Artist for April in a solo Show of my new works at The Electric Company  Art & More. I have created a new series of Wall Hangings especially for this show which is entitled Blue Ridge Visions. Each is 24″ x 9″ and based on nature images of the Blue Ridge area I love so much here in Bedford.


I am now a member of the Bedford Artisan Trail Network and the Virginia Artisan Trail. Very excited for the opportunities this provides me to market and reach out to the arts community here as well.

It’s Official. I’m a member now!

And  so, life is moving ahead. I am incredibly grateful for every opportunity here, for the beauty of nature I am surrounded with, for this gift of time to make art and build a business and life here in the area I love so much!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


Art as Inspiration

I began my visual art career as a painter mainly creating landscapes using oil Pastels. I loved the texture and the ways you could blend them (and the vibrant colors available.)

What I didn’t really like about painting was that a viewer can not touch it, feel it, explore it. I branched out into silk wall paintings that became quilted tapestries. From there explored traditional quilting techniques,  and finally have landed in my niche as a art quilter who also LOVES incorporating  thread painting in many of my works.

Most of my art these days is base on my original artwork that I am “transcribing” into fabric art. Art that IS touchable as far as I am concerned.  I also work at times from photos of places and properties that people would like commemorated in a thread painting.

My latest series of wall hangings are based on a series of paintings I did years ago. I loved the format and felt that they would transcribe well into the art I am doing today.


IMG_1997 2
Here you see the sketches I prepared on muslin to begin this series of paintings. i too liberties to change and add things as I went. After I do a pencil sketch I then go back with Sharpies and suggest color combinations. With my new design wall I am able to lay out all the 6 wall hangings side by side and and work on them all simultaneously. This helps me coordinate colors across the series as well as keep changing things up . 
Here are the 6 wall hangings after I have done the preliminary layers of fabrics to define color and specific areas. Under them you see the photographs of the original artwork – all sold now and no longer available to me. ( Thank goodness, my husband Michael Putnam keeps meticulous photograph records of all my creations!)

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


Adding to the Studio/Gallery piece by piece…

I’ve officially been here in Bedford for two weeks. It has been time spent cleaning, unpacking, and arranging Little Old Lady Quilting Studio/Gallery to get ready for visitors. I’ve been sewing a lot of the time too.

So I thought I’d show you a little of the display furniture that I’ve been accumulating:

Of course, first there is Ruby. She is my HQ Avante 18 long arm machine and my best friend! Though she was not cheap, she was an investment for a lifetime. (Mine anyway)


The Cabin came with a set of twin beds in the loft that we will never user for guests, so I appropriated them for the Gallery to display quilts on.  They will eventually be painted for more color….
This corner cabinet was an eyesore, until I got Sherry Miller of Sherry’s Chairs and More to come do her magic. she is not finished yet, but already the pieces of furniture she is painting are coming to life with color and whimsy!
This old “This End UP 3 drawer Chest of Drawers was heavy and dark and ugly. But it is starting to sing with new life now. I love these colors and there will be large Dahlia blossoms on it a well….  I’ll use this chest to store placemats, napkins, and etc.
My other big purchase, a retractable Design Wall. Now I can pull it down to work on a project and when I am finished I can roll it up out of the way!
Here is my latest series of work. Six hanging tapestries based on my oil paintings of Rural Virginia. It is great to be able to work on them side by side in the early stages to coordinate fabrics and colors across the series.
Last but not least, the other expensive piece I bought — an antique cabinet for displaying folded quilts in. Thanks to the folks at Needful Things Antiques in Bedford, VA who delivered it for me this week! I already love the color!

So that is where I am today. 2 months until my grand opening on March 31, 2018 10:00am – 4:00pm. I still have a ton of stuff to make, and some friends and family to collect things from. But it is slowly coming together!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


A Child’s Garden

Using several  different quilting patterns with  RUBY (my long arm HQ AVANTE 18) I played with the floral border theme to pick up grasses and leaves in the solids fabrics.
Here you can see the quilt as it was coming off Ruby. All finished with the quilting.
Another angle, you can see the grass patterns in the  small color blocks.


I made a matching Queen Size pillow case to o with the twin bed quilt.
And here is the finished quilt set:  “A Child’s Garden”  Twin bed Quilt and Pillow Case – $395.00


Home! It means different things to different people. In all my travels around the world there was always the idea of HOME in Bedford, VA. when I left Bedford 40 year ago, like many young people then, I could  not wait to get away could never dreamed of any reasons to return.

A lot changes in 40 years.

I traveled the U.S and parts of Europe as a classically trained professional singer. I rubbed elbows with well to do people. I learned to speak proper English. I learned to eat fancy food and to wear really expensive clothing and even to be comfortable in it. I confess, even as a child my sisters alway thought me a bit of a snob and elitist and I enjoyed the world outside of Bedford.

As I aged out of my professional career as a singer, I began to look at other creative endeavors to fill my life and produce an income stream as well. I worked for a number years building a career as a Fine Artist working in oil pastels and oil painting. And then I discovered the world of Quilting.

In all fairness I must say I returned to the world of quilting. My Mom had been a quilter most of her later life, She would spend hours in her basement sitting beside a hanging quilt rack hand stitching quilts she had pieced from old scraps of fabric.  That was the world of quilting I knew. But then i discovered the work of ART QUILTS and my life changed. One of the things I  was unhappy with in my oil paintings was that there was no chance for a tactile exchange and discovery between the viewer and the artwork. “Don’t Touch” is everywhere they are displayed.

But I WANT my artwork to entice people to touch it, to follow the seams, to explore the  landscape or the image in front of them. See how the  thread is layered  like paint for blending and for effect.

So, now I have returned to Bedford. I am in the process of opening a private Studio/Gallery to continue to create my artwork and to finish quilts for others with my long arm machine and FMQ.   What is most interesting to me is that my love of Bedford has grown 1000 times. I love the people. I love the landscape. I love the big skies. I love the weather. I can spend the rest of my life just creating works of art that celebrate Virginia, Bedford, and the Blue Ridge Mountains and I will never run out of  subject matter.

Like this Wall hanging I have almost completed of Dogwoods — The State Tree of Virginia.

Dogwood Tapestry 2017.jpg
Dogwoods – 2017 Wynn Creasy Little Old Lady Quilting $695.00



Major Changes

So it is official. We have bought a Cabin/Studio/Gallery in Bedford, Virginia and will be relocating there almost immediately to set-up and open my new Studio/Gallery for Little Old Lady Quilting.

7536 Peaks road Bedford, VA 15 VS3
The new home of Little Old Lady Quilting in Bedford, Virginia right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive of the Appalachian Mountain Trail.

We will be living here in the beautiful cabin nestled here in the blue ridge, and enjoying walking over to the 800 Square foot Studio/Gallery next door where I will be doing my long arm quilting for the local quilters; as well as creating my art quilts and my thread paintings to sell to the tourists  and the gallery shoppers passing through.

7356 Peaks road Bedford, VA studio.jpg
This is the interior view of the Gallery . The walls currently are carpeted which allows for easy hanging of fiber works. Through the door on the right is my working Studio for long arm quilting and for my art quilts. I can keep an eye on the Gallery while I work every day!

The Studio gallery is going to give me  ample space to show my work and the work of other local fiber artists, while also giving me a major work space for teaching classes  in beginning quilting, thread painting, and etc.

Blue ridge Winter.jpg
Sharp Top and Flat Top — the twin mountains of Bedford, Va — this is the view out of my front door at the Cabin!

I plan to have a GRAND OPENING for Little Old Lady Quilting Studio/ Gallery and have the Gallery open full time beginning the first part of April. If you are taking a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway, or coming near Beautiful Bedford, VA in the spring, please stop on in and say hello!

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!


Taking Time for One’s Self…

This weekend I have been laid low with body issues. I have a  degenerative spine disease which is slowly crippling me. I deal with it fairly well most days. But the drugs I take for pain management have their own side effects and so I am trying to wean myself off at least the massive doses of steroids.  On top of that it seems I have picked up some kind of stomach bug or the flu.

The good news is that I do not want to eat much right now. (I am always struggling with my weight.) The bad news is that I don’t have a lot of energy right now, so I am not getting much done in the studio.

One of my dear friends reminded me Friday that I work pretty much 24 hours day. And that I do not take time for myself often. She again told me that without replenishing the well of health and creative energy with rest and meditation and time out in the world, I can not constantly create beauty.

So I gave myself permission to take off Saturday (yesterday.) I lounged in my overstuffed love seat with the puppies in front of a fire. (It is getting colder now.) I watched old movies. I had some fresh popcorn. (I didn’t want real food.) I let my mind wander and dream. I had some wine and I slept like a baby last night. (I don’t sleep well usually.)

This morning I woke up feeling better, fresher, with my mind ready to get back to work, although my body is still lagging behind a bit.

I started work on a new tapestry/wall hanging Dogwoods.

Dogwoods – The contrasting sketches of the dogwood flowers on a branch and in a close up image.
Here the image is beginning to take shape. I have a lovely batik fabric that was perfect for the gnarly bark of the dogwood trees and it also picked up the lovely teal color that is the background of all three panels.

So I am back at work a little, although I promise to take  it easy today. There is no deadline for this piece to be finished… although I tend to be a person who can only work on one project at a time until it is completed and then move on to the next one.

Soon I have to begin to sort and pack my studio for the move to Bedford, VA where I will be opening my Studio/Gallery in the spring. Life is good.

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!