WOW! What a year!

First I apologize for being away for so long. I intended to keep this blog updated, but my new business kind of ran away with me and while I did take pictures of everything I worked on, I rarely had time to actually write and post.

I’m going  back and try to put the things I’ve created and my quilting in some kind of chronological order with pictures of step by step (where I have them.)

First let me update you a bit on Little Old Lady Quilting Studio — the cabin and the Studio.

As you know I bought the Cabin and closed last December, 2017. I moved to Bedford (my home town) in January of 2018,  I immediately discovered a lot of issues that needed to be updated that we had not counted on.

All I can say is thank the goddess for the fact that we did carry a home warranty on the place.  It more than paid for itself 5 times over. in the past year we have had to replace the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the washer AND dryer,  and the Stove. We also had to have a mold remediation and treatments for issues in the crawl spaces under the cabin AND the Studio. ($$$) The handicapped walkways that were one of the selling features that attracted me in the first place were completely rotted through. We had to replace them and the deck on the cabin. THEN we found out we had to have a new roof on the cabin. The previous owners were DIYs who didn’t know what they were doing, and did not install the roof properly, so we had mold and water damage in the roof of the cabin and great room.

That all being said, it is STILL heaven here. I will happily spend the rest of my life here in Bedford doing the art and fiber work I love so much.

Not another blog about quilting???!?!?!?!?

It is true. Here is one more crazy little old lady who wants to spend her days sewing, creating things, and then telling everyone about it. Forgive me! I can’t help it! I

I can’t help it! I have never been one to sit around idle and watch life pass me by. I also really enjoy being of service to others. The majority of quilters that I’ve known in my life really enjoy the making of a beautiful quilt top and finding the right material for a backing, but don’t really enjoy the hours it takes hand-quilting it,  or the struggle of trying to wrangle and wrestle it to machine quilt it on a domestic sewing machine.

Since I can best serve others by doing the quilting that so many people don’t really want to do… well there it is a new business is born! I love the artistic part of finding the right patterns to compliment the already existing beauty fo a quilt top. A long-arm machine can work several ways. It can work edge to edge following a pre-determined computer program, or it can be used like an artist uses a pen to draw a pattern on the surface of the quilt. I LOVE both ways.